New delhi Art Book Fair 2018

Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts

1 C.V. Mess, Janpath
New Delhi - 110001 India
Saturday, February 24th 11:00 am - 6:00 pm
Sunday, February 25th 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

The 1st Edition of the New Delhi Art Book Fair is to be held for two days in February 2018 in New Delhi tentatively on 24th & 25th February, 2018 at Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts.The New Delhi Art Book Fair draws its inspiration from the passion of its founders for books of literature, of visual arts, of architecture, of photography, of design as well as from all the other Art Book Fairs established around the world whether in NYC, LA, Philadelphia, Toronto, London, Berlin, Tokyo or Singapore.

The New Delhi Art Book Fair endeavors to unveil, showcase and promote the scrumptious, unique and mysterious world of Indian and foreign Art, Architecture, Photography, Design, Crafts books for the pleasure of illustrated books’ lovers from India and abroad.

The New Delhi Art Book Fair will be a yearly Haveli of Wonders and tribute to India’s mesmerizing 5000-year reservoir and storyline of mythological narratives, of modern fictions, of art, of sculptures, of photographs all contained in beautiful monographs, Art catalogues, Journals, Magazines, Fanzines…

The New Delhi Art Book Fair welcomes all actors of Indian Arts –artists, photographers, architects, designers, illustrators, gallery owners, agents, members of institutions, booksellers, antiquarians, librarians- and invites them to meet and interact constructively with the world of Indian and foreign –large or small, independent or not- art book publishers.
And we welcome and invite international small and large presses to delve into the mesmerizing aesthetics of India so as to source ideas in order to better showcase in wondrous books the wonders of Kajuraho, of the Adivasi, of Indian textiles from Kashmir to the North-East, of Indian cinema from Kolkata to Mumbai’s Bollywood scene, of India’s mad megalopolises, of India’s colorful and serene Himalayas, of India’s youth and changes…


NDABF, the only art book fair in India invites all artists and publishers to exhibit their artworks at the Fair. The Fair will feature individuals, collectives, curators, artists from multiple disciplines such as Fashion, technology, graphic novels and comics, poets, photography cinema etc. and publishers working in the mediums of printed materials, books, zines, magazines, letters etc.

Booking application will remain open till 1st February, 2018. For any query please feel free to call us on +918789197034. The festival is on 24th and 25th February from 11:00 a.m. till 07:30 p.m. at IGNCA, Janpath Road. The exhibitors can choose their stall and size from the layout. They can modify the size of the stall and custom design it. The customization can be done by the exhibitors themselves or hire our services. We will provide basic Octonome stall with chairs, table and light which will be included in the stall fees. Any requirement beyond that can be made on rentals.

Application form to book your stall

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12:00 Noon: Inauguration

12:30 p.m.: The Art of India- Sculpture and Mural Paintings of Ancient and Medieval Times
A talk with the art historian, photographer and film maker Benoy Behl

01:45 p.m.: A book Discussion – The Purveyors of Destiny: A cultural Biography of the Indian Railways
Mr. Arup Chatterjee, Author
In conversation with
Shilpa Raina, Art Writer , ArtCultureFestival (ACF)

02:30 p.m.: I, Travel along with thee: A dialogue on travel in the age of social media
Aman Chotani, Professional Travel and Lifestyle Photographer,
Sudeep Sen, renowned Photographer and Poet,
Mr. Arup Chatterjee, Editor- in- Chief, Cold Noon (Moderator)

03:45 p.m.: The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, in conversation with contemporary voices from the world of illustrations on form and narratives
Neethi Goldhawk,
Neha Doodles,
Samar Khan- MetroDoodle,
Dhruv Sharma- Grand Chutney (Moderator)

05: 00 p.m.: Afloat a lotus leaf: Kapila Vatsayan- A Cognitive Biography
Jyoti Sabharwal, Author
In conversation with
Leela Venkataraman, Art Critic



12: 30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. – Stop Motion Animation workshop by Intekhab Alam
04: 00 p.m. – Making Books by Hand by C. Arumugam, Director and Head of Production, Tara Books
12:30 p.m.: – Kahaniya: A look into Indian folk tales and mythology- A story telling session by Mr. Rakumar



02:00 P.M.: Kangara Paintings By Mr. Benoy K Behl

02:20 P.M.: Chola Bronzes by Mr. Benoy K Behl

Followed by discussion and Q&A with the artists- Albert Allgaier, Austria Many years ago, Albert Allgaier recorded a obscure Japanese experimental film playing on television late in the night. Never officially released and overdubbed in German, the film has become a cult classic among Allgaier’s circle of peers and so Cinema Shiró was born; an international film festival dedicated to a single movie. An exercise in endurance for the audience and Allgaier alike, Cinema Shiró, has become a monument to a virtually unknown director which enfolds in the ephemeral setting of the screening frame by frame. Previous screenings include Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles), Bolderāja (Riga), Backyard Stories (Batumi), Kunsthalle3000 (Vienna), C.C.O.P. (Porto) and StudioP (Vilnius) and with a a running time of 112min, Cinema Shiró truly is expanded cinema.

01:00 p.m to 05:30 p.m.: BTS INDIA FAN CLUB
Will host an exciting afternoon of K-POP Culture featuring Games, Quiz , Random dance play, Charades Performances, King plate , Guess the song.


12:30 p.m.: The journey of a vintage camera collector- The Museo Camera
Aditya Arya, Founder The Museo Camera, India Photo Archive Foundation Photographer and Visual Historian
in conversation with
Samar Jodha, Photographer & Artist

01: 45 p.m.: Realities and Desire: A book Discussion
Susan Casarin, Photographer and Chief Editor of Photography books
in conversation with
Santiago Ruy, Head of Cultural Affairs, Embassy of Mexico

03:00 P.M.: The Music Video & The Physical Media and Contemporary Music Culture: A panel discussion
Arsh Sharma, The Circus, Fuzzculture, Point of View,
Abhishek Bhatia, The Circus,Curtain Blue,
Anshull Lall, The Circus, Curtain Blue Live Set, Karajimo, Loish,
Nikhil Kaul, Frame/Frame,
Shashank Bhatnagar, Undying Inc (Moderator)

04:15 p.m.: Behind-the-scene: The Journey of Indian Culture Graphic Novel: From Genesis to taking it to global Market
Girija Jhunjhunwla, Director-Campfire,
Sourav Dutta- Senior Editor- Campfire Writer, Art Critic,
Lalit Sharma – Illustrator & Artist,
Ekatmata Sharma, Associate Editor, ArtCultureFestival (Moderator)

05:30 p.m.: Easy Guide to pairing Indian Food and Wine: A book discussion
Michael Swamy, Chef Patron at Nueva
In conversation with
Ipshita Mitra, Editor, Om Books International



01:00 P.M.: Art of Zine-Making & Independent Voices: Bombay Underground x TokioGa
2:30 p.m.: Burst sketching workshopwith Abhinav Sharma
03:30 P.M.: Calligraphy Workshop by Mr. Gori Yusuf
12:30 P.M.:Exploring the Indian Folk Art with Play enactment and writing workshop by Mr. Rajkumar
04:00 P.M.: Art Cosplay- A competitions to dress up as artists, creative characters, winners to win prizes.



04: 00 p.m. : Theme: Time Machine: Archival and Found footage film festival: 106 min.
Asia Film Focus is held every year in Singapore by Objectif Centre for Films and Photography. For the first time the Asia Film Focus edition will be held in New Delhi by bringing Indo-Singapore contemporary artists and film makers who have worked on the similar theme. The festival is curated by Objectif Centre for films and Photography – Singapore films and Cinedarbaar for Indian films. These short films will include artists Santana Issar, Lio Jeikai, Tahireh Lal, Adar Ng, Yashaswini Raghunandan, Ang Sookoon, Min-Wei Ting, Charles Packer, Ayisha Abraham.


Explore the rich culture of Indo-Iran in the exhibition titled from the Persian Gulf to the Indian Ocean.The exhibition will feature images of Hindus temple in Bandar Abbas, the Indian Caravan Serai in the Kerman, the Tomb of Ghulam Rasool in Chabahar, the Gurudwara in Zahedan and other common heritage of Iran and India at the New Delhi Art Book Fair.

Advisory Team

Gauri Chakraborty

Performing Artists- Kathak | Film Maker | Academician

Gauri Chakraborty is currently Director, Amity School of Communication. Her diverse interests in the field of arts and media have enriched her professional film career spanning 22 years. An alumnus from the premier film training institution, F.T.I.I, Pune , she has been a part of the Audio-Video Industry since 1995. With the distinction of being awarded ‘Dada Saheb Phalke’ Memorial Student Award along with a scholarship at F.T.I.I for the year 1996 – 1998, she has also been involved in making and producing documentaries and films since.

She is also the founder of the social movement titled Vansh Vyom which relooks at traditional arts from the point of view of matriarchal inheritance. The movement encourages senior citizens to re pursue their yearning for the traditional arts along with the new generation as a participatory approach to preserve our living Traditions. Trained in ‘Kathak - Indian Classical Dance’ by world renowned maestro, Guru Jitendra Maharaj, she has also been a Research Scholar and Junior Fellow, Ministry of HRD. Her Research thesis was based on the aspects that have been influenced over ages in the dance style that is Kathak and the role of Media as a mediator in the propagation of this art form.


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